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Introducing The Delphi Dev. Shell Tools


LogofUpdate : This project now is hosted on Github.


I just started a new  Delphi Project called  Delphi Dev. Shell Tools the aim of this shell extension is facilitate some common tasks like open, build and edit a Delphi project , as always the project is hosted in the Code Google site and you can checkout the full source code using any Subversion client. Let me know any comment or suggestion via this blog,  to report any issue or suggest a new feature please use the issue page of the project.


Download the installer from here

Common Tasks for .pas, .dpr, .inc, .pp, .dpk, . dproj, .frm, .fmx, .rc extensions

  • Copy file path to the clipboard : Copy the path of the selected file to the clipboard.
  • Copy full file-name to the clipboard : Copy the full file-name (Path + Name) of the selected file to the clipboard.
  • Open In Notepad : Open the selected file in the notepad editor.
  • Open In associated text editor : Open the selected file in the associated text editor.
  • Open cmd here : Open the cmd.exe application in the folder of the selected file
  • Open RAD Studio Command prompt here : Open the RAD Studio Command prompt (of any installed Delphi version) in the folder of the selected file

  • Format Source Code : Format the source code using the formatter.exe tool (included since Delphi 2010)
  • Run Touch : Executes the touch.exe tool
  • Open with Delphi(N) : Open the selected file with any version of Delphi or Rad Studio installed

  • Compile resource file : Compile the selected file (.rc) with BRCC32.exe tool

Specific Tasks for .dpr, .dproj files (Rad Studio Projects), .groupproj (Group Projects)

  • Run MSBuild (Default Settings) : Execute MSBuild using the default settings of the selected .dproj file
  • Run MSBuild With .. : Execute MSBuild using any of the platforms and targets detected in the selected .dproj file
  • MSBuild: Allow to select and execute the MSBuild tool (associated to any version of the RAD Studio installed) using the default configuration of the project

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

11 thoughts on “Introducing The Delphi Dev. Shell Tools

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  2. Really useful – thanks

  3. Hi Rodrigo, great tool! Thanks!

    To me the most useful feature is the option to choose between ‘debug’ and ‘release’ when running with MSBuild, that’ll make the process of deploying new versions of my live web code editor easier :)

    One question tough – will the ‘Run MS Build with…’ commands do full rebuilds or just compile?

  4. This sounds a lot like what I was trying to achieve with my project dzPopupMenu
    (, but dzPopupMenu is less Delphi specific. Have a look, it might give you some ideas.

  5. Hi Rodrigo,

    I don’t think that “copy full file-name to clipboard” and “open CMD here” is necessary.
    You can accomplish this with holding SHIFT + Left Click
    I would like that someone pointed why they use BRCC32, MSBuild in daily work. Not a simple comment, but an useful blog post.
    Thanks for your continuous work. I will try to do some tests next week.
    Thank you! (:

    • This kind of option will useful depending if you uses the Delphi IDE or a script to Build and Deploy your projects. For example the advantage of use the BRCC32 tool from this shell extension is that you can compile a resource file (.rc) directly without open the Delphi IDE or a cmd window to execute the BRCC32.exe, and the same goes for the MSBuild options, in this case you can create your release and debug versions of your project directly without open the Delphi IDE. Anyway thanks for your feedback.

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