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Rodrigo Ruz. is a senior software developer working with Delphi since 1999 and .Net since 2003. He has deep knowledge of Delphi, Free-Pascal, Oxygene , C#, SQL, WinApi and the full life of cycle development.

He also is a SAP Business One SDK Certified Developer working daily developing addons (plugins) for SAP Business One since 2007.

Rodrigo had a lot of experience developing mission critical applications working in a wide range of areas like hardware interfaces, biometry, manufacturing, logistics, construction, equipment maintenance, Kiosk and Touchscreen software, POS systems, Integration between legacy and new applications and ERP systems.

Rodrigo run a set of open source projects mainly related to Delphi (Object Pascal), these projects covers a wide range of  topics like VCL Styleslibraries and tools to retrieve system information (via WMI and WinApi), RAD Studio tools and pluginsShell extensions  and third-party skin plugins.

Rodrigo is a Embarcadero MVP and a active member of the Delphi user community through his blog and the stackoverflow site.



Legal Information

The English text on The Road to delphi blog by Rodrigo Ruz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.Creative Commons License The software source code in all posts and source code attachments written by Rodrigo Ruz may be used under terms of the MIT license. Note, however, that some of the attached projects or snippets include code written by other people, under terms of different licenses. While I believe that these licenses are compatible with the MIT license, and that I am using their works legally, it is entirely up to you to make sure that these licenses are compatible with your own code, and that you are using this code legally, should you include their work as well as my own in your project. Binary attachments (executable code) are copyright by Rodrigo Ruz with all rights reserved.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available; contact me at the address above.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. hi rodrigo. nice to know your blog. it’s very useful. could i copy and translate your article to be posted in my blog? thx

  2. great blog and very clear explained articles, thanks rodrigo for all your good job. God Bless You

    Edi Liu

  3. It is a great blog and very usefull… good job…
    Normalmente no comento los blogs, pero de verdad muchas gracias por compartir tus conocimientos.

  4. You re a very skilled developer.
    Congratulations.. The google API sample are very useful to me..

    Thank you very much.

    Ivanilson Ribeiro
    YAW Solutions.

  5. Very good blog! thanks for all your efforts! Please keep it going :-)

  6. Hello please teach us how to create an auto update , check version !
    Your applications are so good ! i like that , thanks !

  7. Rodrigo: I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and the contribution of the VCL Styles Utils, like many people I was getting mediocre results with styles and many controls didn’t work or didn’t look right and several people on the Embarcadero forums said to try your fix and now all controls work with styles and they look right. Thanks again!

  8. Hi Rodrigo,
    In your post her you are showing a custom TSynEdit control. Is there any way you coulds share the source code to get this custom SynEdit component? I’ve installed the standard SynEdit component and it does not support VCL Styling. Any help would be much appreciated. I’m trying to use Delphi VCL Styles for my open source Visual MASM project here instead of the commercial skinning components AlphaSkins.

  9. Delighted to know you are a master of so many programming languages. Your SO contributions on Delphi have been very helpful to me. Please keep posting great Delphi Stuff for it is pure joy in programming.

  10. Me gustaría agradecerle, estoy usando su libSMBIOS, en mi proyecto casemod.
    Sin esta biblioteca, no habría llegado a donde estoy.

    Realmente lo aprecio.

    Enlace de mi proyecto:

  11. I just want to thank you for the amazing work you did with the VCL Styles Utils. Very much appreciated !!

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