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Unofficial RAD Studio 2007 Debugger Fix for Windows 7 published

An Unofficial RAD Studio 2007 Debugger Fix for Windows 7 has been published.

The primary problem being fixed is a debugger assert that usually occurs when terminating a process being debugged on a 64-bit version of Windows 7.

The text of the assert is:
Assertion failure: “(!”SetThreadContext failed”)”
This version also fixes a few minor problems when debugging on Windows 7.

you can download this patch from this site

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Delphi 2009, C++Builder 2009 and RAD Studio 2009 hotfix is now available

This hotfix addresses issues with debugging on Windows 7. you can found more info in this site.

This hotfix addresses issues with debugging on Windows 7, including:

  • Assertion failure: “(!SetThreadContext failed”)”
  • On Windows 7, running under the debugger can cause the debugger to crash on shutdown.
  • No Wait Chain is shown on Windows 7

Internal Tracking Number(s): QC 74732, QC 78575, 271589

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Delphi 2010 Help Update 1 released

Embarcadero has released the Delphi 2010 Help Update 1. you can find more info here.

Improvements in Help Update 1

In the VCL:

  • Documentation has been completed for the StdConvs unit.
  • Documentation has been completed for the GestureMgr unit, which was new in the RTM release.
  • Documentation has been added for the following new units:
  • Documentation has been added for many of the DataSnap APIs. See the DSConnect, DSHTTP, DSProd, and DSServer units.
  • New resurfaced intrinsic ROUTINES are documented.
  • The documentation team has fixed approximately 25 bugs reported on customer forums and in direct customer feedback.

In the IDE topics:

  • The documentation team has fixed approximately 20 bugs reported in QC, RAID, or direct customer feedback.
  • The View > History command is now documented.

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Blaise Pascal Magazine #8 is available now

A new edition of Blaise Pascal Magazine is available

  • Delphi 2010 – what a feeling! – Bob Swart page 7 –  Gestures could be the new ’must’ in our computers future
  • Counters – David Dirkse page 11 – Learning counting again, – could wel be a hobby…
  • Virus in Delphi? – Nick Hodges page 14 – Nick explains how to get rid of the virus and block it.
  • Dezign for databases – Marco Roessen page 16 – A fantastic alternative for its expensive competitors, and it’s even cheaper.
  • Changing the looks of T-Field – Henk Schreij page 18 – Diving deeper into the possibility’s
  • Using Free Pascal and Lazarus to create applications for OSX – Jeremy North page 20 – Working on the Mac is hot
  • Writing Delphi Components II: Custom Properties  and Windows Controls – Marco Cantù page 22 – In the new Delphi versions it looks all different.
  • My Top Five Delphi 2010
  • New Features – Pawel Glowacki page 24 – Except for guestures ther is a lot of news…
  • Fast Graphic deformation by using Scanlines – Peter Bijlsma page 28
  • Control your own image or blow it up! Berlusconi on the edge
  • Wide Information Bus (Introduction) – Fikret Hasovic page 33 –   What is it and what the use for it?
  • Freehand Drawing (Introduction) – David Dirkse page 36 – shows how to create your own paint program

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The official Delphi 2010 Survey

Help  to improve Delphi answering this survey.


First, I want to thank you for all of your support in the past, present, and
future. Below is the link to the 2010 Delphi survey, this is conducted by
Embarcadero and the Product Management for the Delphi product. The
responses are extremely important to us and help to shape the vision and
future of the product.

I know the survey is long, very LONG! But again, the information we get
from the answers you give are needed more than ever.

Please pass this survey on to anybody you think would be interested in
filling it out.

Again, thanks!


Mike Rozlog
Product Manager – Delphi

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Embarcadero launch Windows 7 Developer Center

If you are interested in resources for building Windows 7 aplications Embarcadero has launched the Windows 7 Developer Center.

More resources for Delphi 2010  and Windows 7

  • RAD Studio 2010 – Gestures and Multi-Touch
  • RAD Studio 2010 -Touch & Gestures Part 1
  • RAD Studio 2010 -Touch & Gestures Part 2
  • Touch Hardware
  • RAD Studio 2010 – Touch Keyboard