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VCL Styles Utils supports RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo


The new release of the VCL Styles Utils project now is compatible with RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo .

This new version also improve the support for the Windows 10 custom Styles.

Check this TOpenDialog styled with the Windows 10 Black VCL Style.



Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

7 thoughts on “VCL Styles Utils supports RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo

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  2. Looks interesting, but i don’t get it to work on the Starter-Edition. It uses some include-files directly from the vcl-source folder, that isn’t shipped with the starter :(

  3. Hi Rodrigo,
    I use your nice units Vcl.Styles.Utils.Forms, Vcl.Styles.Utils.SysStyleHook,Vcl.Styles.Utils.SysControls , Vcl.Styles.Hooks they made possible to use TTaskDialog and it’s fine.
    But 3 weeks ago Windows 10 pro decided to make an update to change for Version 1703 and 2 of my applications created with Delphi 10.1 update 2 crash !
    On an over PC with no windows update they are still OK.
    I found the matter in the unit Vcl.Styles.UxTheme in the function Detour_UxTheme_OpenThemeDataForDPI(hwnd: HWND; pszClassList: LPCWSTR; hwnd2: HWND): HTHEME; stdcall;
    I don’t know why but this line crash : THThemesClasses.Add(Result, pszClassList); with result=0 and pszClassList=”;
    This append when I change property of classics objet : TRadioGroup(Componant).itemindex:=0 –> crash

    I drop out all référence to this units and my applications is OK.
    You can found sreen copy of default here :
    I hope this can help you to solve this probleme.
    Best regard

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