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Delphi Dev. Shell Tools – New features


I just added a set of new features to the Delphi Dev. Shell Tools like support for Lazarus, a new owner draw panel to the shell menu that shows information about the selected Delphi project file (.dpr, .dproj) like target platforms, framework (FMX, VCL), current configuration (debug, release) and Application Type (library, package, application)

Check the next screenshots

Remember that you can check for new versions of the tool using the check for updates button en the About option.

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

11 thoughts on “Delphi Dev. Shell Tools – New features

  1. Thank you for your effords !

  2. Absolutely great. Thanks

  3. This is truly a swiss army knife. I know that this is probably not within the scope of this project, but are there plans for new Shell icons? Most of the current icons look plain horrible in resolutions above 32px.

  4. Very nice job! Do you plan to add “pre-MSBuild” versions of Delphi support for building project? (using DCC32 ?) I guess not but who knows :).

  5. woh , cool :-) !!!!

  6. Amazing. A project created with a Delphi version that has been uninstalled is handled correctly. Well done.

  7. Would a function like “what the heck is this for” when right clicking on a dres or dproj.local file be useful? It would be useful to me!

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