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VCL Styles Utils – Now supports the New Common Dialogs

A few moments ago I just made a major commit to the VCL Styles Utils project, Adding support for the New Common Dialogs introduced in Windows Vista. Until now the VCL Styles Utils only was able to hook the older Common Dialogs (Pre-Vista).


And from now the modern common dialogs are supported too.

Windows 10 VCL Styles

This new feature was extensively tested on

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 Build 10162 Preview Edition

Important Note : The Windows Classic Theme is not supported.


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All your feedback is very welcome, remember which you can report issues and make suggestions using the issue page of the project.


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Goodbye Google Code, hello GitHub!

Hi everyone,I just finished migrating all my open source projects (code and issues) from Google Code to GitHub.

Project Summary
Delphi Dev Shell Tools Shell Extension for Object Pascal Developers
Delphi IDE Theme Editor Custom color highlighting for Object Pascal IDE’s
Delphi Preview Handler Source code preview handler for Windows.
Delphi WMI Class Generator Creates Object Pascal classes to access the WMI
TSMBIOS Object Pascal Library for access the System Management BIOS (SMBIOS)
VCL Styles Plugins Styling plugins for third party installers and apps
VCL Styles Utils Extend and improve the Delphi VCL Styles
WMI Delphi Code Creator Allows you to generate Object Pascal (Delphi, Free Pascal), Oxygene, C++ and C# code to access the WMI


You can find all the repositories here


imgres See you on Github.


Delphi Dev.Shell Tools, WDCC, Delphi Preview Handler moved to Github

I just moved more projects from Code Google to GitHub

Regards Rodrigo.