The Road to Delphi

Delphi – Free Pascal – Oxygene


For the moment I don’t want receive any  money for the tools which I develop, but if you wish contribute in some way you have these options :

If you are using one of my projects go to the code google page

Login with you google accout and star the project

Another option is install dropbox in your machine using my referral link and in this way you are increasing the space of the account which I use to store  the tools, installers and source code posted in this blog.

Now if you feel generous and  you have some money you can buy me a book form my amazon whishlist.

One thought on “Contributions

  1. Hola Rodrigo:

    Definitivamente has creado un parteaguas en la historia de los que programamos en delphi, se te agradece mucho tu generosidad y la ayuda que esto representa (y tambien tu nivel de conocimiento), UnSaludo.

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