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7 thoughts on “Added support for RAD Studio XE4 in the Delphi IDE Theme Editor.

  1. Great job. If we haven’t used Dev Express skins we would probably switch to this solution.

  2. Wodzu, this only themes the IDE and not the programs generated by Delphi. I too use this and DevExpress tools. It allows me to make VS2012 (for Oxygene) and Delphi XE IDE look the same.

  3. i have D2010, DXE3 and DXE4 on my PC (Win8 Pro x64).
    can’t figure out how to apply the theme.

    i press “Set default theme values for selected IDE” and after confirmation the app says its ok now, but when run IDE nothing is changed.

    what should i do then?

    PS. does the app color the IDE itself as well?

  4. Very nice and looks great, thanks.

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