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Added support to TSMBIOS for SMBIOS 2.8 spec.


A few weeks ago (3 Apr 2013) a new update to the System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) Reference Specification was introduced by the DMTF. So the TSMBIOS project was updated to support the SMBIOS 2.8.

The following changes was added to the 2.8 version:

  • Processor Information (Type 4):
  1. SMBIOSCR00106: processor family name correction (48h)
  2. SMBIOSCR00107: new processor family types
  3. SMBIOSCR00108: new processor family type
  4. SMBIOSCR00110: correct typo in table 24 (processor upgrade)
  5. SMBIOSCR00118: new processor family types
  6. SMBIOSCR00121: new processor family type
  7. SMBIOSCR00122: new processor upgrade type
  8. SMBIOSCR00125: add new Intel socket type
  • Memory Device (Type 17):
  1. SMBIOSCR00109: add minimum, maximum and configured voltages
  2. SMBIOSCR00114: add LRDIMM to memory device list
  • Other:
  1. SMBIOSCR00116: correct/clarify structure length fields
  2. SMBIOSCR00120: add new supported processor architectures
  3. SMBIOSCR00123: update referenced specifications
  4. Wording updates for clarity and consistency

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

2 thoughts on “Added support to TSMBIOS for SMBIOS 2.8 spec.

  1. Thanks Rodrigo for the effort.

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