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Is Your Delphi IDE Hot or Not? – Introducing the Delphi IDE Theme Editor


UPDATE : Visit the new page of the project to check the new features.

The last weekend I was working in a new project called Delphi IDE Theme Editor. this tool allow to change the Delphi (Rad studio) color settings.
the application was written using Delphi XE and the Unicode SynEdit components.

Here some features

  • Supports Delphi 7, 2005, BDS/Turbo 2006 and RAD Studio 2007, 2009, 2010, XE
  • Can import Visual Studio Themes 2003,2008,2010 (.vssettings)
  • You can revert any changes made to the IDE pressing the button “Set default theme values for selected IDE”
  • 35 themes are included, ready to use in your Delphi IDE.

Screenshot of the application

Look the dephi IDE

check this video to see how the application set a new theme to Delphi IDE

See how the tool can import a Visual Studio Theme (.vssettings) and apply this style to Delphi IDE.

some tips

  • Check the site studiostyles to get a lot of themes which you can import to the Delphi IDE.
  • If your system does not have the Consolas font installed you can download the Consolas Font Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 from here

In the next days I will publish the full the source code and the technical details of the tool, so stay tuned.

Let me know If you have any suggestion or comments to improve the application.

Download the application from here

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

58 thoughts on “Is Your Delphi IDE Hot or Not? – Introducing the Delphi IDE Theme Editor

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  2. I think it would be nice to have as a feature to click anywhere on the preview syntax highlighter and modify that particular attribute.

    And since you’re using SynEdit, I think it should have a GetHighlighterAttriAtRowCol function which gives you details as to what the attribute at specified XY is.

    Otherwise a really nice tool. Something which Delphi has lacked.

  3. Wow, great work! I think you are the guy who answered my quenstion about that on stackoverflow, right? As soon as you publish the source code and if you allow me, i’d like to create a delphi addon based on your code. Are you going to published that on the GPL license?

  4. Great work, was looking already for something similar :-)

  5. Export theme to visual studio would be nice ;-)

  6. Just curious… What theme you personally use?

    • Before to write this tool i use a variation of this theme , now i use the imported version of the ocean vs theme located here.

      • Would I be wishing too much asking you to share it? I like to see what developers are using, many times I find something that help me so much. Thanks for your work in this application it is very useful. :)

        • lol. Sorry, I misunderstood your comment. I thought that you said you used a ocean versus that theme… And you mean you used a VS theme… lol

  7. Very nice. Maybe you could have it also import the themes from Notepad++

  8. Hola Rodrigo.
    Fantástico trabajo como siempre. estaría bien que la gente pudiera compartir sus temas y así crear una biblioteca.

    Un saludo.

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  10. Muy buena herramienta para personalizacion del IDE. Hay alguna manera de modificar el lado izquierdo (ahi donde estan los numeros de linea)?, he probado de todo y es lo unico que no pude cambiar.

  11. Looks really great. Downloading now. The ability to load themes like you can in VS is something I really missed in Delphi. Thanks for adding it.

  12. I would like to use you tool, but I use a custom profile (it makes a separate registry key) and you changes have no effect. Can you support specifying a custom profile. Or can you at least tell me where in the registry you make changes so I can port them to the custom profile. Thanks

  13. Ok found the reg file the tool makes and made the registry path changed. But it would be nice to be able to specify that inside the application. It is just a string that you then use instead of BDS for Delphi 2006 for instance.

    A lot of tools I have seen (including GExperts) forget about custom profiles.

  14. I have been using it for a little bit now and you’ve done a great job. Two comments/suggestions.

    1) I wish there was a “Save As…” option so that I could easily save changes from one theme as a new theme. This would allow me to use an existing theme as a baseline for others.

    2) It would be nice if the Themes Listview was anchored so that it could grow vertically as the main form’s height was increased. There are a lot of themes for such a small viewable area of the list.

    Thanks again for a nice add-on that should have been part of Delphi for years.

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  16. Very nice job. That was really missing.
    Would be great maybe to add the ability to import themes from a few more guis other then that nicely done congrats!

  17. Hi, this is a great tool which has been sorely lacking in Delphi. Thank you for making this available for us.

    I don’t want to be negative, but I clicked the “Import current IDE theme from registry” button, and when I select the newly imported theme in the Themes list, I get the error message:

    Error loading values of current theme – Message: “” is not a valid integer value: Trace

    Am I doing something wrong or can I fix this manually in the xml file?

    • Jon, thanks for your comments and feedback, report a bug is not be negative don’t worry about that. the idea is test the application to improve the quality of the tool. I will check your issue. stay tuned. ;)

  18. Brilliant … I’ve been using [not recently] ColorIDE which was written for a much older version of Delphi by Andrew Rybenkov.

    Thanks for this!!

  19. My eyesight thanks you! :)


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  22. It will be really useful if your program will be able to set a color to ‘Default’ as Delphi IDE does.

  23. No me funciona en delphi 7

  24. Error loading values of current theme-message: Cadena calse no valida, ProgID:”Msxml2.DOMDocument.6.0″: Trace (000965CB)[004975CB] y mas de estos numeros….

    Me pueden ayudar, me parece muy buen aporte el Delphi IDE Theme Editor, pero no me funciona…..

  25. Brilliant application. You’ve just made my day :) Thank you.

  26. Download link dead, please fix.

  27. Awesome. Just import my colors from VS2008 and it’s easy to switch now.
    PS. Fix “can’t load multi-bla-bla-bla”. Visual Studio settings can’t be importet if there more that one:

  28. Fantastic , thanks a lot

  29. File not found on Dropbox……..

  30. Can you please upload the compiled EXE file?
    Pleaaaaseee :)

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