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Delphi IDE Theme Editor – New features


New features was added to the Delphi IDE Theme Editor

  • The GUI was improved to reflect more elements of the syntax highlighting (Active Line, Enabled break point, Disabled break point, execution point, error line), also when you click in any place in the editor the associated element is shown in the selection list.

  • New option to change the Hue/Saturation of any theme. This functionality allow you create new themes in seconds


  • More Themes added, now you have 50+ themes to personalize you Delphi IDE.
  • Finally an new page was created on my blog to publish the last news and features added to the Delphi IDE Theme Editor.

Download the Delphi IDE Theme Editor from here

And remember your suggestions and comments are very important to improve the application.

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

11 thoughts on “Delphi IDE Theme Editor – New features

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  2. Outstanding work. You had me won over with the first version. Thank you for this tool.

  3. Awesome work! Thanks so much for this!

  4. I think I found something:
    1) Seems theres no size or font defined in the actual Delphi 7 system, it shows size 1, but should be 10. (bug?)
    2) Search Match and Text Block colors are not showing properly in the Delphi IDE window. (or at least they are not being imported) (fix?)

    Thanks! :)

    • Thanks for your feedback, i will check your issues. stay tuned. ;)

      • IDK if I was clear… When i mentioned Delphi IDE windows, I was talking about it *in* your application. Hope you understood.

        Another thing that could be added to it is a Closed Region (or like Delphi colors scheme names it: “Folded Code”).

        • Thanks again for you feedback, but for clarify the application uses a standard Unicode synedit component, so to implement code folding in this component i need to write a lot of code. I don’t know if do this worth the effort, because is only to show the code folding syntax in the app. i prefer focus in the stability and additional features like support more themes from others IDE’s.

          • nooo! :)
            I was not thinking in you implementing the code folding. That would be insane for now… :D
            I thought if theres a way that you could just show the color when the code is folded. Indeed, when the code is unfolded, the color is already shown. So a static Text with a color markup to show the color of folded code would be great. Got it?

  5. Great work. This version is even better.

    For me, a still missing feature is a “Save As” option from the main form to create a new theme based on an existing one without altering the existing one. It seems this can be accomplished from the new “Hue/Saturation” dialogue, but it’s an extra “hidden” step.

    BTW, since you’re not selling this, you should at least add a PayPal “Donate” button to your site. ;)


    • Kevin, I remember your suggestion, about add a “Save As..” feature, but as you say using the “Hue/Saturation” options you can accomplish that. maybe in the next version this suggestion will be included. ;)

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