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Blaise Pascal Magazine #8 is available now

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A new edition of Blaise Pascal Magazine is available

  • Delphi 2010 – what a feeling! – Bob Swart page 7 –  Gestures could be the new ’must’ in our computers future
  • Counters – David Dirkse page 11 – Learning counting again, – could wel be a hobby…
  • Virus in Delphi? – Nick Hodges page 14 – Nick explains how to get rid of the virus and block it.
  • Dezign for databases – Marco Roessen page 16 – A fantastic alternative for its expensive competitors, and it’s even cheaper.
  • Changing the looks of T-Field – Henk Schreij page 18 – Diving deeper into the possibility’s
  • Using Free Pascal and Lazarus to create applications for OSX – Jeremy North page 20 – Working on the Mac is hot
  • Writing Delphi Components II: Custom Properties  and Windows Controls – Marco Cantù page 22 – In the new Delphi versions it looks all different.
  • My Top Five Delphi 2010
  • New Features – Pawel Glowacki page 24 – Except for guestures ther is a lot of news…
  • Fast Graphic deformation by using Scanlines – Peter Bijlsma page 28
  • Control your own image or blow it up! Berlusconi on the edge
  • Wide Information Bus (Introduction) – Fikret Hasovic page 33 –   What is it and what the use for it?
  • Freehand Drawing (Introduction) – David Dirkse page 36 – shows how to create your own paint program

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

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