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VCL Styles Utils and TWebBrowser support


I just made some changes to the  TVclStylesWebBrowser class  which add support for VCL Styles to the TWebBrowser component. Now the TWebBrowser Scrollbars, Menus and dialogs are styled.

JavaScript Warning

2014-02-06 11_55_20-TWebBrowser with Vcl Styles

JavaScript Alert Message Dialog

2014-02-06 11_58_20-TWebBrowser with Vcl Styles

JavaScript Prompt Dialog

2014-02-06 12_00_06-TWebBrowser with Vcl Styles

Popup Menus


You can check the sample application here

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

2 thoughts on “VCL Styles Utils and TWebBrowser support

  1. smart, thx!!!

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