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Vcl Style Utils site updated and new demo video


In the past days I’ve added many new features and a lot of improvements in the VCL Style Utils project. You can see the updated siteand a new video showing the VCL Style Utils library in action, also the repository contains a set of demo projects to check how use the library.

Check this video of an Demo app.

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

2 thoughts on “Vcl Style Utils site updated and new demo video

  1. Hi Rodrigo!

    I’m doing some tests with the VCL Style and found your blog through a google search.

    I’m having two problems using the style:

    1) I use a DBNavigator changing the buttons, captions for other functions than actually save a record. Example:
    (DBNavigator.Controls[5] as TNavButton).Caption := ‘&Print’;
    (DBNavigator.Controls[5] as TNavButton).Glyph := ButtonPrint.Glyph;
    (DBNavigator.Controls[5] as TNavButton).Hint := ‘Print a report’;

    When I use the style the dbnavigator didn’t accpet my changes, keeping the glyphs of the styles.
    It’s possible to specify that a single component does not use the default style?

    2) When I use the style on the main form the main menu is unabled to click. How can I change that?

    Thank you for the attention.

    • Ronaldo the answers to your questions

      1) The glyphs used in the dbnavigator by the vcl styles are part of the image(s) defined inside of the vcl style. So you can change the glyphs directly, as workaround you have two options a) modify the image of the vcl style b) override the TNavButton.Paint method.

      2)I never experienced this behaviour, check the QC site of Embarcadero to check for a possibel bug.

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