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DITE supports RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin


I just updated the Delphi IDE Theme Editor adding support for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin.


Also this new version of DITE includes a improved thumbnail generator and a option to change between compact and full GUI which can be set with the options of the title bar.

Remember which starting with RAD Studio XE8, DITE allows you edit the values (color and font) of the IDE modern theme. To use it just press the button “Additional Settings” and set values for the Main ToolBar and the IDE Font, finally press the button “Apply”. (For restore the default settings just press the button Restore).


You can download the DITE from here.


Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

10 thoughts on “DITE supports RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin

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  2. Can you update the Mirror 2 link to the latest version. Cannot download from dropbox at work.

  3. Hello Rodrigo,

    I tried to compile a project with the VclStyleUtils, but I did get many failures in Vcl.Styles.Ext based on the closed access to private symbols, like

    [dcc32 Error] Vcl.Styles.Ext.pas(335): E2361 Cannot access private symbol TCustomStyleEngine.FRegisteredStyleHooks
    [dcc32 Error] Vcl.Styles.Ext.pas(346): E2361 Cannot access private symbol TStyleManager.FRegisteredStyles

    Do you have an idea if a modification for Delphi 10.1 Berlin will come?

    • Hi, I’m aware of these issues, for the moment some units of the VCL Styles Utils project are not compatible yet with the Delphi 10.1. but most of the units works fine. I hope find time to fix this on the next days.

    • Have these issues been fixet? i was trying to compile my custom tabs in 10.1 but i fails. with [dcc32 Error] Vcl.Styles.DffTabs.pas(89): E2361 Cannot access private symbol TCustomStyleEngine.FRegisteredStyleHooks

  4. Hello Rodrigo,

    thank you very much.

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