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Delphi IDE Theme Editor – Now supports Lazarus


The Delphi IDE Theme Editor now supports the Lazarus IDE , so you can use any of the themes included in the installer or make your own theme. you can add the themes to the Lazarus IDE coping the generated themes (check  the Themes Lazarus folder in the installation path or download  the included Lazarus themes from here) to the primary_conf_path/userschemes/   folder (example in windows vista the folder is C:\Users\<Windows User>\AppData\Local\lazarus\userschemes) or let to the tool apply the current theme to Lazarus IDE.

For more information about the Lazarus color schemes check these articles


Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

6 thoughts on “Delphi IDE Theme Editor – Now supports Lazarus

  1. want to try this delphi version, now im still using delphi 7

  2. Hey Rodrigo,
    I was just searching the i-net for a solution to my problem and it lead me to your blogs or what you call it.
    I must confess – I have no clue what kind of brain you must have – but it is far more extended than mine :-)
    I was looking for a way to simply access the “wmic” functions and commands.
    Has “wmic” something to do with “wmi”?
    I thought so…
    I am using fpc.
    Could you help me getting a foot in to the arena? ;-)



  3. I am pretty sure, I need to get back to you. But I will try to understand your “magic” first.
    Thanks in advance :-)

  4. Hello. How on earth you make this work? I downlaoded the code and I can not build it on seattle. Do you have a how to install wiki???

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