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Delphi IDE Colorizer Supports RAD Studio 10 Seattle

The Delphi IDE Colorizer plugin now is compatible with RAD Studio 10 Seattle. This new version includes support for the new IDE enhancements like the Community toolbar, Object inspector filter and the Code navigation toolbar (Castalia).

The next screenshot shown the RAD Studio 10 Seattle IDE styled with the Onyx VCL Style.
(click to get a full size image)


You can get more info of the plugin in the github site.

Remember report any issue or suggest a new feature using the issue page of the project.



DITE supports RAD Studio 10 Seattle

I just updated the Delphi IDE Theme Editor adding support for RAD Studio 10 Seattle.



Remember which starting with Delphi XE8, DITE allows you edit the values (color and font) of the IDE modern theme. To use it just press the button “Additional Settings” and set values for the Main ToolBar and the IDE Font, finally press the button “Apply”. Also you can restore the default settings pressing the button “Restore”.


You can download the DITE from here.