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VCL Styles Utils and RAD Studio 10 Seattle


This is a summary of the current state of VCL Styles Utils project and RAD Studio 10 Seattle.

  • The library was updated to support RAD Studio 10 Seattle.
  • RAD Studio 10 Seattle add VCL Styling support for the classic common dialogs and for the TWebBrowser component. Using licensed code from the VCL Styles Utils project to Embarcadero.
  • RAD Studio 10 Seattle includes a new select directory dialog using the IFileDialog interface. This dialog also can be styled using the VCL Styles Utils project.

This is the select folder dialog with the Windows native theme


Select folder dialog with the the Glow VCL Style applied and using the VCL Styles Utils




You can check more information about the VCL Styles Utils project in Github.


Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

5 thoughts on “VCL Styles Utils and RAD Studio 10 Seattle

  1. The style implementation in Delphi 10 is buggy. The dialogs are not styled completely and there are handle leaks. I’ve added a QC report. Delphi releases are not of high quality.

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