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DIC now supports VCL Styles


I just released a major update to the Delphi IDE Colorizer adding VCL Styles support. So now you can style the non client area of the floating forms of the IDE and also use the elements of the VCL Styles on the RAD Studio IDE.

The next image shows how the VCL Styles are enabled on the wizard and which elements can you choose, for example you can select only style the forms with the VCL Styles and use the current theme settings for draw the controls and menus.


Check the full list of features on this page.

Check the next Video which show how the new feature works.

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

8 thoughts on “DIC now supports VCL Styles

  1. This is really coming along awesomely. It would be interesting if you could also auto generate an VCL style from the colors on the theme page.

    I notice that most of the forms the IDE generate such as Tools|options, File|Save As… etc do not pick up the VCL style when it is active. It would be great if that was an option to bring the whole color IDE experience together.

    • Thanks for your comments, about auto generate the VCL Styles this is not possible because the colors and elements are stored inside of each style. About the another forms (Tools|options, File|Save As) this is out of the scope of the plugin, the aim of the wizard is change the look and feel only of the workspace of the RAD Studio IDE.

  2. I was using your vcl styles sample to color the tabsheet on a pagecontrol. It works real nice. But how can I choose wich tab do I want to paint?

  3. I love this IDE Colorizer but no matter what I try the “View Unit” and “View Form” listings are all in white on white. The highlighted item is ok and as one moves down the list the highlight does too but the unselected items are white on white which makes navigating to what I want in a project is a pain. I can’t for the life of me figure out which option (if any) affects this.

    This is with v0.4.0.5 on XE Pro running on Win 7 64. This update seems to have slowed the IDE down a little too.

    Still, cracking job with this. Working with Delphi is so much easier on the eyes with the right theme, which in my case is currently “DimGrey”.

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