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Using custom colors in the TDBGrid columns with vcl styles enabled


The TDBGrid component allows you to customize the colors of the columns and fonts used to draw the data.

Unfortunately if you uses the vcl styles all these customizations are lost

This issue is caused because the TCustomDBGrid.DrawCell method ignores the custom colors of the columns when the vcl styles are enabled. So the solution is patch this method to allow use the proper colors. After of this you will get a result like so.

I just uploaded this patch as part of the vcl styles utils project. To use it you must add the Vcl.Styles.DbGrid unit to the uses part of your form after of the Vcl.DBGrids unit.

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

6 thoughts on “Using custom colors in the TDBGrid columns with vcl styles enabled

  1. Some of those grids look way cool.

  2. Rodrigo great job!!

  3. Hello,
    I get error messages:

    unit Vcl.Styles.DbGrid;

    function TDbGridHelper.GetIndicators: TImageList;


    [dcc32 Fehler] Vcl.Styles.DbGrid.pas(70): E2361 Auf private-Symbol TCustomDBGrid.FIndicators kann nicht zugegriffen werden

    What can I do?

    Best regards,

  4. Hello Rodrigo,

    thank you very much. It works fine now.

    Best regards.

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