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Delphi IDE Theme Editor

 UPDATE : The most recent version of the Delphi IDE Theme Editor can be found on Github 

The Delphi IDE Theme Editor is a freeware tool which allow to change the Delphi (RAD Studio) and Lazarus IDE  color settings from scratch or  importing existing  themes from another IDE  like Visual Studio or Eclipse Themes, the current version supports Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005, BDS/Turbo 2006 and RAD Studio 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5.


  • Supports Delphi 5(*),6(*),7, 2005, BDS/Turbo 2006 and RAD Studio 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5.
  • Support the Lazarus IDE (v 0.9.30-
  • Import Visual Studio Themes 2003, 2008, 2010, 2012 (.vssettings)
  • Import Eclipse Themes (Eclipse Color Theme Plugin)
  • You can revert any changes made to the IDE pressing the button “Set default theme values for selected IDE”
  • Change Hue/Saturation of any Theme
  • 400+ themes ready to use.
  • The Delphi 5 and Delphi 6  are supported emulating the original colors of the themes in a 16  color palette for more info read this post.
  • +560  Visual Studio themes included ready to import (check the Themes VS folder).
  • +1700  Eclipse themes included ready to import (check the Themes Eclipse folder).

Technical Stuff

Source Code

Suggestions and issues

  • Report your suggestions and issues in the issue page of the project.



Check this video to see how the application set a new theme to Delphi IDE

See how the tool can import a Visual Studio Theme (.vssettings) and apply this style to Delphi IDE.

Change the hue and saturation of any theme and create new themes in seconds.


  • Check the site StudioStyles to get a lot of Visual Studio themes which you can import into the Delphi IDE using the Delphi IDE Theme Editor.


101 thoughts on “Delphi IDE Theme Editor

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  3. What would be great is if you could apply that theme to other objects in the system. Create an obsidian theme that changes not only the text editor colors, but the whole application. :-)


  4. This made it easy to create exactly the same interface on different versions of the IDE, both at work and at home, and there were some awesome themes to start out with. Slick application. Thanks!

    2 suggestions:
    – Support for RadPHP?
    – Add contrast or gamma controls.

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  7. Enhorabuna Rodrigo.
    El soporte para Delphi 6 ha sido una alegría para mi. Todavía paso la mayor parte del día con él. ;-)

    Un saludo.

  8. Awesome tool! I found a small bug in the message after applying a theme. The word successfully is incorrectly spelled:

    The theme was sucefully applied

  9. Great tool, is it possible to do this with keyboard shortcuts too?
    Thank you

    • Jose thanks, but i don’t understand your comment about the keyboard shortcuts, please explain. ;)

      • Rodrigo, sorry. for keyboard i mean:

        One of my knightmares is to deal with dreamweaver, eclipse, context, delphi, VS and wich one of them has it´s idiosyncrasies regarding keyborad shortcuts.

        Lets take the delete til next word, delete to the eol, change to block selection and so on.

  10. Hi Rodrigo,
    Sometimes Underline and italic attributes are being spawned to other properties while I do my clicks. For example:
    Click on Cobalt Theme.
    Click on word “procedure” and mark italic and Underline
    Click on words “{Syntax highlighting }”
    Syntax highlighting gets underlined.
    Thanks again for your awesome app. :)

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  13. Que bueno Rodrigo, felicidades….

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  15. Hi, I am just downloading to play with theme editor. I am exited with the expectation of code coloring for different portion of the codes.

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  18. Hi Rodrigo, I was wondering if there is a pre-compiled version of your theme editor? I can only see source code checkouting on the google code site?

    I know I can compile it, but thought I’d ask :)


  19. Paul for the moment does not exist a pre-compiled version. About the source code code, Yes is only available via the google code site, but you can see it directly using the browse option, check this link

  20. Rodrigo :
    Paul for the moment does not exist a pre-compiled version. About the source code code, Yes is only available via the google code site, but you can see it directly using the browse option, check this link

    Thanks mate :) Oh, when I said I can only see source code checking-out on the google code site, I mean compared with a pre-compiled version…sorry about that!

    I will download and try compiling it…keep up the excellent work!

  21. Hi, it’s great work! But where can i find the function that like the background image? I mean the colored-vertical line, sucn as try… if ..then….begin end…etc

  22. OH, Thank you very much :-)

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  24. Nice tool!
    Do you have and option to define new Components default font/size, or is it out of scope ?

  25. Brilliant application. You’ve just made my day :) Thank you.

  26. Works great for Delphi 7 and 2010, but my Lazarus 0.9.31 (via CodeTyphon) is not even recognized. I’d manually move the themes if I knew where to put them in Windows 7.

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  28. Rodrigo are you still working on that ide expert that customized the whole delphi color in this picture?

  29. I get an error when I run Theme Editor : “Class is not registered, ProgID: Msxml2.DOMDocument.6.0″ on my computer (XP). When I clik on OK at this error dialog program Theme Editor shows up but with many consecutive errors: ” ”” is not a valid integer value.”

  30. Is there any possibility to apply them to ERS 2010 C++ Builder or it’s only for delphi?

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  32. Not to be a nag but can you make the theme editor allow you to change the dockable panel font sizes? I am running XE2, I have found where to change the tool dock icon size but I cannot get teh object inspector font to change size.

    Also, does anyone know of a way to perform a search of the object inspector so you can quickly go to the desired property or methed?

    Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice app, thanks for all your hard work, Tim C.

  33. Sorry for the bad spelling :)

  34. Thanks for the theme editor but my Norton antivirus detects a ws.reputation1 each time I try to install it and removes the setup file!! please advise

  35. Nice program Rodrigo,

    One issue: I tried your DelphiIDEColorizerXE2.bpl, and it applied the style from the *.ini file, but when I remove the package, the style colors are still there. Also, the colors to the toolbars remain even when uninstalled. I ried restarting the IDE, even rebooting Windows. How can I reset the IDE toolbars back to their original colors?

    Using Win7 x64, XE2 Update 4.


  36. Fantastic , thanks a lot

  37. Just started using the Delphi IDE Theme Editor and love it. Thanks! Is there any way to tell what theme I currently have loaded? There are so many in the list and I forgot which one I picked last time.

  38. Thank you for your work, found a nice theme that suites me.

  39. When I create new project I use feature of delphi to launch it under the new registry key (look it up in bds command line switches). It is very handy because it does not pollute installation of delphi for one project to interfere with the others. So if your tool had option to propagate settings to multiple delphi’s registry keys that would be swell

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  41. i got some errors on newest version.
    it said

    Error loading values of current theme – Message : Invalid class string, ProgID:”Msxml2.DOMDocument.6.0″ : Trace
    Error checking updates Invalid class string, ProgID: “Mscml2.DOMDocument.6.0”
    “” is not a valid integer value

    I have delphi 6 and delphi 2007 on my computer
    What should i do to fix it without uninstalling delphi 6?

  42. Thanks for this great tool. So far it must have been a lot of work and a IDE Colorizer would be the cream on top.

    Sorry, that I post issus here instead at google issue tracker. I’m too lazy for creating a google account. Version is

    1.) I had massiv problems with the “Use defaults for” function. Maybe I misunderstood the use and it must be used globally? If I set “Foreground” true, then every new selected element sets True in the theme XML file. I want the element “Line Highlight” with foreground defaults, but not every element. If I choose another element disable defaults foreground and come back, then the hook is not displayed. But the XML File is correct and the highlighted line font color is not black. Just as wanted. If foreground is activated every selected element will have a black font. It should be selected and displayed per element.

    2.) If a bold element is clicked it changes to normal. The complete text changes to normal if a bold text is clicked.

    That’s all I found. Thanks again.

  43. Thank you SO MUCH for bringing this app to us.
    No more fracking headaches and eye blurings! :D

  44. Being able to download from somewhere other than DropBox would be nice, many corporates don’t allow access to it (plus youtube, facebook etc….). I’m not able to check it out from google code either – sigh.

  45. An excellent tool. It works like a charm on C++ Builder XE3. I just installed the Ocean style. Keep up the good work!

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  50. Nice! Using it here to get some approximation of party between my dark VS2013 environment and Delphi XE2. Many thanks for making this available to us, it’s appreciated. :-)

  51. Hi Rodrigo,

    First… contratulation for the excelent tools you build, it’s really helpful.

    I just have one problem using them.

    The options “Search for forms (Ctrl+F12)” and “Search for units (Alt+F12)” isnt getting very nice.

    The applied style changes almost everything… but the Background of the TEXT is always White, and it makes impossible to read when i got a white text.

    Can i change this configuration?

    Thanks in advance.

  52. Download link is dead (404).

  53. Hello Rodrigo,

    sorry for posting a bug report here, but I don’t have a Google Account.

    If the RadStudio (XE7 in my case) is installed in a non standard location
    the dite.exe executable dies because it is unable to find an installed IDE.
    (“You don’t have a Object Pascal IDE installed (1)”)


    • The DITE , check this windows registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\15.0 to determine the RAD Studio XE7 intallation path . So you must search on that location the value of the App item.

      • First of all you congratulations for the program, excellent and helpful.

        In my case I have XE7 installed in the default path:
          “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Embarcadero \ Studio \ 15.0 \ bin \ bds.exe”
        and I still returns the same error.
        On checking checked windows and entry exists APP
        “HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Embarcadero \ BDS \ 15.0”
        Detailed path pointing up.

        Some help.

        Best regards.

  54. Hello Rodrigo,

    Support the Lazarus IDE (v 0.9.30-

    No support for the latest versions of Lazarus ??
    1.2.6 and svn version?

  55. Excellent tool! I’m trying some themes here :D Have you considered to including some search field to find themes more quickly? And would be awesome be able to check the most “voted” themes or something like this. :) Congrats

  56. I have just studied source codes and get that it searches registry for keys. Is it possible to add old C++ Builders to list (from 6)? Thank you

  57. How can I export a theme I created on one computer to another?

  58. Download link seems to be broken.

  59. Hola Rodrigo
    Muy buena herramienta. A mi personalmente me gustaria poder aplicar el tema a todo el IDE, no solo a la pantalla de edición.

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