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Disabling the Embedded Designer in RAD Studio XE3


In RAD Studio XE3 the option (located in Tools > Options > Environment Options > VCL Designer > Embedded Designer ) to disable the Embedded Designer was hide. Personally I still using the old floating designer when I work in VCL projects.

So if you want disable the Embedded Designer just go to the the windows registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\10.0\Form Design and set the Embedded Designer value to False

Note : Remember which FireMonkey only supports the embedded form designer.

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

13 thoughts on “Disabling the Embedded Designer in RAD Studio XE3

  1. I alternate between the two modes depending on whether I’m using a multi-monitor system (floating) or a single monitor (embedded). Now that the option has been hidden I guess that means that the floating configuration isn’t going to receive much attention anymore. :-(

  2. I don’t use floating anymore, but that’s still a good tip.

  3. thanks for the information, help me so much

  4. Rodrigo NOT just any other Delphi guy – thanks for this it’s been irritating me ever since Christmas (when I got XE3).
    If anyone has a space on their screen and it’s not absolutely necessary why would they deliberately not want to see both code and form simultaneously ? (have I been missing a trick ? for eighteen years ?)

  5. stupid to limit this feature – – – – going way backwards in my mind – – – – – – – –

  6. thank you very very much from mexico
    and work too in xe4 ok!!!

  7. Thanks a lot Rodrigo

    I just changed from XE to XE5 and could not find that embedded designer toggle anymore in the options. So I immediately felt lost in quicksand and thought “what an idiocy, they eliminated the floating form designer …”
    but after some research I luckily found your excellent tip which still works in XE5 :)

    Thanks again, saver of the Delphi/C++Builder universe ;)

    • Thank you thank you thank you – I have been searching for ages, found your page and I am very pleased to say this works in Delphi XE7!
      However – this is just one of very many things they have really messed up.
      I really hate the new “permanently docked” way they have set it so you can only see your code or your form, but not both at the same time, impossible to show the form at the proper designed position.
      However – using your registry trick although it works they have even mucked that up – normally you switch between the code and form by pressing F12 and the form gets temporarily hidden, or at least the code appears in front of it (Delphi 3 – 7) but in XE7 the code window becomes active but the form is till in front of it – stupid!
      Unless you have a REALLY big monitor (or 2) – there is no need for them to really mess things up like this, I really regret upgrading to this rubbish, the help is seriously messed up, its doubled in price, the exe file size has increased by about 4 to 5 times, grrr…..
      It has gone so downhill since the days of Borland.

  8. you SAVED me :D
    thank you VERY VERY MUCH!!

  9. Works in Delphi X – great relief – thanks a lot

  10. The same on Delphi XE 10 Seattle – Thanks for the tip, Embarcadero should pay more attention on the community of users and don’t take features away that they are used to. It’s like “we don’t care about the users options” or “everybody have to work the way we want”. Once more thanks !

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