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New VCL Styles from

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A few days ago KSDev launched a new site,,  this new place offers new FMX and VCL Styles.   I tested the VCL Styles  bundle and are just great,  the themes  looks modern, sleek  and polished.

So if you are looking  for a  professional looking FMX/VCL styles for you application this is the place to go.

Check out the  TOpenDialog component styled using the VCL Style Utils and the  DelphiStyles themes.

Material Black Pearl

Material Oxford Blue

Windows 10 Black Pearl

Windows 10 Oxford Blue

Thanks very much to the guys from DelphiStyle (KSDev) which kindly donated a VCL Styles bundle to The Road to Delphi.


Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

One thought on “New VCL Styles from

  1. Hi,
    I encounter issues with VCL Styles and high DPI (Windows 10):
    1. When adding node true/PM to the application manifest. In that case File Open dialogs are styled partially. After removing dpiAware node, dialogs are styled OK again. I have screenshots available.
    2. Form caption issues. Buttons (min,max,close) are too small, caption text is positioned too high, when form is maximized, size is not aligned with desktop, making borders partially visible,
    Could you check if you can reproduce this behavior? If so, what would be the road to a fix? Can I help?
    Best regards, Ronald

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