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List of changes between versions of Delphi (What’s New)


In response to this question asked in stackoverflow leave here a list of changes between versions of Delphi.

Author: Rodrigo

Just another Delphi guy.

3 thoughts on “List of changes between versions of Delphi (What’s New)

  1. The best delphi versions are 3, 7 and 2007.

    • I disagree with that, personally. Don’t get me wrong… 3 and 7 were solid (I stuck with 7 right up until late 2009 because of that). I don’t consider 2007 to be comparable to 7 or XE/XE2, though.

      Also “best” is subjective. Your criteria for what makes one version superior to another will invariably differ from others. If you want cross platform development with Delphi, the best is XE2 (obviously), if you want the latest language features, XE2, if you want to remain in the stone-age, Delphi 3. If you have a substancially large legacy project (and you’re too lazy to modernize it), Delphi 7 or 2007 are the best.

  2. D2009 might arguably better, but D2007 is best *before* introduction of unicode as default break your old code which in my case at least– heavily depend on ansi/pchar string function tricks and algorithms.

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