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The official Delphi 2010 Survey

Help  to improve Delphi answering this survey.


First, I want to thank you for all of your support in the past, present, and
future. Below is the link to the 2010 Delphi survey, this is conducted by
Embarcadero and the Product Management for the Delphi product. The
responses are extremely important to us and help to shape the vision and
future of the product.

I know the survey is long, very LONG! But again, the information we get
from the answers you give are needed more than ever.

Please pass this survey on to anybody you think would be interested in
filling it out.

Again, thanks!


Mike Rozlog
Product Manager – Delphi

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Embarcadero launch Windows 7 Developer Center

If you are interested in resources for building Windows 7 aplications Embarcadero has launched the Windows 7 Developer Center.

More resources for Delphi 2010  and Windows 7

  • RAD Studio 2010 – Gestures and Multi-Touch
  • RAD Studio 2010 -Touch & Gestures Part 1
  • RAD Studio 2010 -Touch & Gestures Part 2
  • Touch Hardware
  • RAD Studio 2010 – Touch Keyboard